Five Thoughts

Aspects of art and life: art that has come already, life as it is always lived. I want to produce moments of stillness. In an increasingly distressing, pressing and time-poor world, I want to produce works that require stillness and contemplation to fully engage in.

I also want work that examines our (or more specifically, my) feelings when confronted with space and time, objects and peoples' actions.

Misreading of signs. Miscommunication. A visual language that has broken down. Order perceived in the random arbitrariness, a desperation to find meaning. The search for meaning, rather than meaning itself.

Think about the struggle for meaning. Struggling to understand why - e.g., war, death, suffering. Struggling to impose conceptual constraints on material (information) which is randomly generated, randomly perceived. We struggle with meaning - making visual sense of the world and actions we encounter, as well as more complex, more subtle conceptual sense of strange actions and incomprehensible events.

The art-object is an object with a built-in meaning. The contemplation of it is the 'function' of the work. Or better: the 'function' or 'use' of art is to provoke contemplation and/ or analysis of itself. Its 'practical use' depends entirely on the intellectual/ cultural development and position of the viewer.

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