Truth and Lies

Art as a lie: art as a fabrication, a falsification. Outrageous claims, or barely conceivable ones?
Move the lies into the moral realm. Morally dubious claims? At what point does the lie of art become dangerous?

Truth claims/ credulity/ the artist as begetter of truth. Trust no-one. Truth, lie, fiction, reality, belief, faith, conviction, doubt, credulity, incredulity, honesty, dishonesty.

Illusion, deception, falsification, exaggeration, boastfulness, "bad faith".
The Righteous, the Faithful, True Believers, the Just, the True.

The "truth" of photography doesn't interest me. Images can be manipulated, as is well-known. What interests me is the context of a statement, and the degree to which one accepts the message. Believability.

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