A Practice

Finding the gaps between the way the world is presented to us through the media, by the powers-that-be.
Or to put it another way:

To explore the interstices between the presentation of reality and reality, (inevitably becoming part of this presentation yet being aware of this).

Or: discovering the moments, the places where reality, as defined by the dominant power breaks down and another possibility is glimpsed.

This is not to argue for an ‘exposing’ of the ‘lies’ of the dominant ideology, not as crudely as this. But a political practice, nonetheless.

A practice which aims at enhancing, amplifying and exploiting these gaps, and also gaps in language, puns, wordplay; gaps in accepted orthodoxy of art practice, moments of opening up, of not accepting the current ideology, that of 3-minute attention spans, of a death-wish borne of frustration with lack of positive political change, of trash commercialisation.

A practice which finds beauty, not in the ugly, but within the conventional, the banal, the nondescript, and which becomes contemplative.

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