Notes to Myself 6

Corporate logos and office buildings = hard edges, geometric forms.
Curtain walls = hidden interiors, power, unknowable and untraceable threads of power and influence.

Destroyed buildings, shattered windows and rubble = war, destruction, loss.
The chance to renew life, the possibility of further growth, the resilience of the oppressed.

Starfields, nebulae, galaxies = vast, impossible to conceptualise realms, something greater than humanity, a dreamed-of future location for humanity.

Space - verticality, horizontality, depth.
Flight - into space, above the clouds, ascension.
Interiors - magical spaces in which we enter as much with our imagination as our bodies.

A three dimensional, physical installation that allows the viewer to enter, but only so far, before the actual scale/ construction of the work prevents the viewer from entering further.

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