Form of the Project

The project is polymorphous. Notes, sketches and collected material all form part of the overall project. Ideas for works which will somehow interrelate are:

Doorways photo project: A series of doorways in cities simply presented in plain frames. Doorways, arches, entrances etc.

Billboards photo/ book project: A series of empty billboard photos: are they to be presented in book form or simply as photographs?

Mini doorways installation project: A series of built installations of small doors with doorways built into false walls. These doors are 'locked' or left partially open, inviting the viewer to crouch down and try to see more through the doorway. Needs sketches, drawings and research into doorways throughout history and literature. Doorways of the imagination, Duchamp's open & closed door.

Hidden City 'Evidence' project: A collection of photographs and objects that purport to show evidence for the 'Hidden World' ideology or dogma, i.e. that of the hidden world's existence. Presented as a book? As an installation? Or as part of a larger work?

Objects for the Hidden City project: Objects and forms built by hand or machine, abstracted from the forms of the city and presented as if to be used, or to function in the Hidden World. E.g. the Jigsaw chair. OR: objects that could exist in the HC, or objects that give a feeling of what it is to be like in the Hidden City.

Objects for the Hidden City Metaphorical objects: these are 'generic' objects, not branded or trademarked but which still have a peculiar resonance: jigsaw piece/ rubber stamp/ chair/ book/ fingerprint/ die/ pencil/ door/ map/ timetable/ crossword puzzle/ chess set/ ladder/ stairs

All these objects work for me as stand-ins for movement, action, decisions and thoughts. As well as being shaped by our needs, and thus 'sculpted' through necessity, they are (for the most part) human in scale. They are not monumental, but work through a kind of intimacy with the one using them.

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