The Archive/ Book Project

Taking an earlier idea for a large anthology of works, the 'magnum opus', but concentrating equally if not more on writing as well as visual work.

Structure of work:
Each letter of the alphabet becomes a type of book or form of writing/ presentation of information.

Each entry in the book can become a lengthy essay or possibility for a future project. It can be an exercise in a style, or be wholly fictitious, or have the form of a documentary.

The (invented) character of the principle writer or archivist is the unifying element of the work. Yet this writer is also a fiction as well as an expansion and enlargement on my own personal interests as seen in my visual work. The whole work is a fiction, stuffed with archival material.

album / appendix / archive / biography / brochure / calendar / chronicle / codex / diary / dictionary / dream-book / encyclopaedia / essay / file / folder / glossary / guidebook / inventory / itinerary / journal / ledger / lexicon / log / map / memo / memoir / narrative / notebook / portfolio / questionnaire / roster / rulebook / schoolbook / statute book / tablet / thesaurus / will

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