Communication Theory

Communication theory both interests and bores me. I don’t want to learn how communication functions (if we can actually break the process down). I really want to do the communicating. Yet I know I lack the initial ability to understand what it is that I wish to communicate. Or rather: I don’t know what it is that I want to say.

The horrible realisation that my limitations far exceed my abilities; that my practice is really a subterfuge, a way of protecting myself from the demands of quotidian life; that I dislike intensely the theoretical posturing of many contemporary artists, because I dislike the theoretical posture of much contemporary critical theory.

I am deeply suspicious of art’s supposed ability to be influenced by, and an influence on critical theory. I am even more suspicious of my suspicions.

“The line between reality and fiction”, a demarcation which shifts, as all demarcations do, according to one’s point of view. – I’m on the side of reality – one thinks, complacent in one’s primacy and central auto-placing.

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