Choosing to Believe

We have a choice when we hear the words of others. We can believe what they say, or doubt their very word. This choice will have far-reaching consequences for how we behave toward the other person, and how they will behave toward us.
So why do we choose to believe, why are we forced to doubt? Sociological factors.

Believing an artist. Why should an artist lie? Why does anyone lie?

The Question (the form of the question) is a way of contesting something doubtful, of gaining information.

The Hidden City

The artist as a mad anthropologist/ geographer. A "visionary", a "seer", one who believes he or she can probe the surface, puncture the flimsy film of appearance and dig into the imaginative loam beneath our grounds for belief.

Dreams, nightmares, fears, hallucinations, misunderstandings.

A mixture of the neurological display and constructed artifact "based on conjecture and research". Think of the crazy statements of Panamarenko.

Think of the Jewish belief in the word-structure of the world. If the world has a hidden structure bits would only manifest themselves randomly, accidentally.

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