The Box File

Vast compendium of previous work. A resource, a working folder, not set in stone but constantly changing and increasing. The box file is to be alphabetically listed, with each note or project described under a keyword or key letter.

Each word has an entry letter, from A to Z. Each box file covers a number of letters. Letter A, for example, would cover the word 'ARCHIVE', the overall word for the box file project WORDS & PICTURES.

Every word has a folder containing various images and writings, then together the folders will be arranged within the box file. Eventually, each box file will cover just one letter.

An overall map containing the words as a large A£ fold-out map will be inside each box file. Letters covered in the box file will be highlighted in red boxes. with a list of cross-referenced words at the back of the box file.

The project follows the logic of the arbitrary or the dream, it is its own logic.

The ARCHIVE (WORDS & PICTURES) is the Ur-project, a way of keeping track of all my work, of making it come together

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