Notes to Myself

Caves, caverns, crystals and rock formations.
Skyscrapers, modernist buildings, office blocks.
Collage, superimposition, reflections, mirrors.
Text, lettering, quotes relating to ethics, aesthetics and life.
Stars, galaxies, nebulae, constellations, stardust.
Tall, imposing grey blocks, fascistic architecture.
Ducts, gullies, canals, ridges.
Grey, orange, purple and red. Green and black. Silver and chrome.

A painting is an image, a construction that goes beyond spatial and temporal dimensions. A composition that allows the eye to range and roam across its surface, giving the mind a chance to construct its own narrative or interpretation.
A thesis or an enquiry into the point of art. Its essential pointlessness.

Collage aesthetic: constructing works that are larger, more encompassing than their individual parts.

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