The difficulty is in forming a practice with enough potential for further exploration, and not exhausting those areas too quickly. Or rather, not to explore them too in idea form too far ahead of the exploration through the making of them.

Creative Misreadings

The signs in the city, the 'real' city we inhabit, they are there, waiting to be read. The signs imply inhabitants. Who are the inhabitants of the secret, hidden reality? They are ourselves; this is the hidden secret of the hidden city. The signs are there for us, subconscious markers, a poetic intervention by our own subconscious into the brutal conscious reality of our lives.

The narrator, or the presenter of the artwork can have a quirky, interesting voice, can play with the audience, can set up expectations through 'helpful' information accompanying the images. (See Panamarenko)

Madness to be misreading these signs? Or the self-belief of the just?

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